Our experience in Content Management System facilitate customer’s in creation,management,distribution, publishing and discovery of information through documents and web content management tools with workflow capabilities. We have designed consistent and scalable informational architecture taking into account – metadata, classification, navigation, search, layout and design.

We cover complete lifecycle of web content on portal providing simple tools to create, update, publish, manage and archive content, allowing multi-users to effectively contribute content and collaborate through the system

Create Content

We provide integrated authoring environment for content creators , with wide range of features with all required formatting to publish content. Few of the features we provide as part of content creation are Multi-user authoring, Meta data creation, Cross links, Content re-use etc.

Publish Content

The pages generated through the CMS engine are controlled via customized style sheets and page templates. Information is presented as per user roles through personalization. A comprehensive usage statistics is provided to determine the success of the content portal.

Update, Change Content

We provide version control and archiving with a powerful workflow model that can be easily customized. We would have built in security with the required audit trails to protect the integrity of the content. Besides we provide extensive range of customized reports based on the user roles

Following are few of the many features we cover as part of our content management solution offering:

  • Access and Security
  • Core Enhancements
  • Clients and Communities
  • Contacts and Feedback
  • Calendars and Events
  • Demographics
  • Content Sharing
  • Communication
  • Site Management
  • Authoring and Content
  • Ads and Affiliates
  • Maps and Location
  • Ecommerce - Payment
  • Social Web
  • News Display
  • Tools