We perform a detailed qualitative analysis on the respective vertical domain and deploy a strategy to bring in the IT dynamics inline with the business processes to create an efficient business roadmap to our customers.

Our solution to the client’s business needs are best answered, by the type of engagement we involve to suit the functional requirements.

The following engagement models are broadly categorized which we follow as a solution provider.

Engagement Models

We engage with our customers in the following ways:

Fixed Bid

If the proposed scope of engagement already has defined and agreed specification, our engineers work on a fixed price project basis to a defined schedule. This allows simple budgeting and planning.

Time & Material

If the required scope of work doesn’t have a fixed specification, we involve ourselves on pre-agreed rates on a day/week/month basis to meet the client’s requirement.

Fixed Bid – T&M Blend

If the scope of work has composition of fixed set of requirements and indefinite scope, then we engage with our customers on a business use-case level.

Resource Augmentation

In scenarios where clients would like to completely own the project and seek required expertise, we engage in pure resource augmentation, fulfilling the client’s resource needs.