We provide Web solutions in areas such as Website Design and Development, Enterprise Web Application development, Flash Design & Animation

Our Web design and Development expertise spans across the following

  • Development of B2B, B2C, B2E application websites with search engines
  • HTML, DHTML, XML, Perl, CGI, Java, ASP, PHP and CF programming
  • Development of interactive multimedia websites.
  • Development of web based Internet/Intranet.
  • J2EE, .NET, OpenSource Web application Development

Our Web development life cycle broadly goes through the following Phases

Setting Objectives and Gathering Domain Information

To start with we first focus on forming a list of specific objectives, or goals, for the web to accomplish. We come out with artificacts as part of the requirements gathering phase which would clearly define the business requirements that the web solution need to achieve.

Designing a Web

After having taken into account the web's purpose and audience, we work on the design and formulate to achieve the effects called for in the most flexible, efficient, and elegant way. Our expertise in hypertext, multimedia, Java, and other programming languages helps in coming out with web structures which are more affective to the intended audience.

Implementing a Web

After web design, the next step is to implement the web within the limitations on its technical makeup you may have defined in its specifications. The initial implementation might be a prototype which is not released publicly, but available for analysis as used by a set of representative users.

Analyzing a Web

During analysis, we examine the web's elements to see if it is accomplishing its objectives, to see if it is implemented correctly, and its domain information is correct and up-to-date. The goal of this evaluation is to identify problem areas.

The Web's Release and Promotion

At this stage we make the decision to publicly announce the release of your web ensuring its public availability, keeping in view that your web will receive a great deal of attention from not only the audience members it attempts to reach, but people involved in web resource indexing.

Ongoing Innovation

Despite the linear description of the processes of Web development shown above, it is ongoing and interactive, where developers should continuously adapt to the changing needs. Our process go a long way in taking care of addressing the client's web strategy, ensuring the right UI, Graphics and application software/hardware technology to achieve objectives defined in the design and development of the Web.