We offer integrated support and enhancements to existing applications based on flexible service level agreements. We ensure that we maximize the application performance and uptime through our dedicated support team. Through effective processes and framework we bring down the cost of maintenance and enhance applications to meet market demands. Over the years we have built trust with our customers to help them completely outsource their support and maintenance applications keeping faith in our transition management expertise.

Any problems occurring would be categorized and resolved using appropriate tools and techniques. Solutions to the various problems would be verified with the helpdesk Knowledgebase covering break fixing support service, troubleshooting and Problem resolution activities as per the customer requirement.

Our Support services include the following:

  • Administrative Support and Maintenance.
  • Fixing bugs and minor enhancements.
  • Administrative activities and user access management.
  • Communicate application downtime / scheduled outages / maintenance.
  • Preparation of the documentation for support related activities.
  • A minor enhancement is defined as an activity that requires less than 5 person days of effort. The effort would be decided by the Change Management process.

Following activities will be taken as additional responsibilities. The support team would provide the required effort estimate for each such request.

  • Enhancements requiring more than 5 person days of effort
  • Addition of new Reports
  • Adding new features to the application
  • Integration with email broadcasting tool and event management software
Support Window and SLAs

We provide on-time support based on the criticality on client’s businesses, and position the support personnel at onsite or offshore premises as per the need. Any support required that is outside of the normal window of support will be considered as on-call and will be available for high priority incidents.

Our typical Support Window is as follows..

Priority Description Problem Resolution Time
Urgent (Priority 1) Business Critical Break/Fix High business impact. These problems affect the system such that the client is unable to perform its business Within 1 working Day
(Priority 2) Urgent Break/Fix Moderate-High business impact. These are problems which affect a particular process for which there are existing alternatives to bypass the problem. Within 3 working Day
(Priority 3) Normal Break/Fix Moderate-Low business impact These are problem that have minimum or no impact on the critical functions of the business. Within 6 working Day

We offer routine maintenance to our customers providing 24X7 monitoring, administration and troubleshooting activities at various support levels – Level 1, level 2 and level 3 technical support required to enhance efficiencies and ensure customer’s IT systems are operational with a maximum uptime.

Following is a snapshot of typical tasks performed by us:

  • System Administration and Operations Support
  • Performance Management
  • Problem and Incident Management
  • System Security Management
  • Response to Incident Reports
  • System configuration changes and patch upgrades on servers
  • Deployment of upgrades
  • Managing the backup of all the servers, filers etc.
  • Capacity Management; Prepare asset utilization reports in terms of Brand wise and OS wise
  • Patch Management – Patch updates and service packs updates
  • Monthly Dashboard Review, Quarterly Stakeholder Feedback and Service Improvement Plan; Periodic review with Marketing Birmingham
  • Creation of Known Error Database, and Workarounds
  • Maintenance of Servers
  • Process documentation
  • Creation / deletion / modifications of users
  • Log consolidation and report generation
  • Security administration such as local / share security on files and folders
  • Anti Viral updates and weekly security audit for server access
  • Keep track of user activities and all events
  • Assigning rights, permissions and user access to resources
  • Network service management
  • Server disk status and space monitoring
  • Log consolidation and report generation
  • Active Directory Security Monitoring
  • Monitoring and Optimizing System Performance and Reliability
  • Monitoring Data backups
Storage & Backup

We adopt a comprehensive approach for storing information/ system's data and taking Backup. Data storage management, Backup, Archival and Storage involves all aspects of dealing with data, starting with user practices.

Following services would be covered as part of Backup and Storage.

Consultancy Services
  • Storage Consolidation
  • Optimization
  • Hardware Upgrade
  • Audits
Data Management Services
  • Level-1: Monitoring, Backup Tickets
  • 24x7 Operations Support : Backup scheduling and monitoring
  • Level-2, Level 3
  • Capacity Management
  • Storage Management
  • Report Generation
Data Integration Services
  • Centralized Backup/Restore/Storage
  • Integration with Monitoring/Helpdesk Tools
  • VMWare Integration
Data Protection Services
  • Risk assessment, Impact Analysis and BCP/DR Plan