We have done a project for the purpose of managing all the details of tenders. Our client is very happy with the UI and functionalities of this project. The tender project is capable of changing language from the current page using Language menu as well as from login page.Here we have used two languages available: English and Arabic.We have the facility to Add, Modify and Delete all the details of Tenders, Tender's Documents, Rivals to each tenders, Company details, User details and Bank details.It is also enabled to change the logo and company name dynamically by the user.

Salient Features:
  • Add Tender
  • Modify Tender
  • Delete Tender
  • Rival Details
  • Document Details
  • Tender Status Report
  • Company Details
  • Bank Details
  • Application Settings
  • User Information
  • Langauge(English/Arabic)

Tender Arabic

Tender Report

Tender Rival