AKRA TECH has been established with a goal to bring out a "comprehensive" and wide range of service offerings that would help customers meet their specific business needs. We help our clients leverage technology to maximize their ROI.

We help IT enable our client's business processes to help them improve on their performance, and focus to implement these solutions using our experience and expertise in customized delivery.

Our aim is to guide our customers on the necessity for an IT solution in their business and weigh how much system integration between applications is required to meet their business objectives.

Before we jumpstart on solutioning, we first determine the collaboration levels involved across business applications and then take it further to conceptualize and implement solutions to meet those needs.

We help you build your non-core business processes efficiently to increase your profitability and shareholder value.

Our services provide the following benefits to our customers:

  • Improving productivity
  • Operational cost control
  • Improved accountability

We improve your processes through application of innovative technology practices, through our superior competency, leveraging a cost advantage factor