Project mandates execution of clearly defined and agreed scope of work for a fixed cost within a fixed timeframe. The three parameters viz. cost, scope and schedule are interdependent like three sides of a triangle, all of these either remain fixed together or if one of the parameter changes then any of the other two or both the other two parameters also changes.

Our Project Management Consulting services thereby involves managing these three (Scope, Schedule & Cost) interdependent parameters such that the project achieves its intended business purpose.

We help you

  • Develop and track detailed and integrated project work schedule and allocate resources against the schedule
  • Responsible for steering the project to success by working closely with the respective stakeholders.
  • Periodically appraise the steering committee group and other project stake holders of the project progress and issues that require attention.
  • Assign task to the project team, and review the progress of the tasks.
  • Periodically track and assess the project risks and develop plans to mitigate such risks
  • Set project quality goals and review deliverables against these goals
  • Set and monitor project budget and costs to ensure delivering the project within the budget
  • Continuously communicate the various project stake holders to align them towards set project goals

We involve ourselves in sharing the responsibility in all areas of project management which is depicted below

Scope Management

The scope management comes into effect in case of changes to scope, schedule or cost or due to certain project risks. The responsibility of the scope management lies in timely escalation of stated/ explicit and unstated/implied scope changes to all stakeholders and timely analysis of the impact on project scope due to requests for schedule and cost change.

The scope of the project may sometimes be affected due to some of the technical risks. In such cases, we help you come up with the mitigation plans and should share the resulting impact on efforts and cost on a case to case basis.

Schedule Management

The schedule of a project gets impacted due to scope changes or due to various project risks such as technical unknowns, staffing and resource issues etc. We help you to address the schedule impact due to a scope change by looks at optimal ways and means on how these need to be accommodated and accounted

Some of the tools & templates used for schedule management are: Project trackers (in MPP or excel formats) Weekly Status reports, Milestone charts, Monthly status reports to management etc.

Risk Management

We help you identify majority of the project risks in timely manner and have mitigation and management plans for the identified risks. We will draw and help follow an action plan to mitigate all the identified risks except for those risks that are externally bound which requires involvement of external stakeholders

Some of the tools & templates used for risk analysis and risk management are: Project Risk Registers, Project risk index, DAR reports etc.

Cost Management

We understand the implication of changes in the cost of a project due to various reasons and help them address through our continuous process of Forecasting and Budgeting techniques. We help derive project financial reports on a timely basis to track and monitor costs, through Earned Value Management process. Any cost changes such as cost of resource, cost of quality etc. will be handled through a well defined change management process.

Quality Management

It is our constant endeavor to help our customers to deliver applications /products with high level of quality in their deliverables. We will work with the customer to ensure the required quality is met.

We will apply the required quality process and techniques necessary for ensuring the quality of the deliverables.

All required testing procedures will be followed as part of quality control activities. In addition, periodic root cause analysis and resolutions plans will be done for the observations of the quality assurance and quality control activities.

Communication Management

A continuous and effective communication is paramount for the success of any project we will ensure that an effective communication model is in place as part of the delivery process

All modes of communication will be effectively maintained be it mails, telephonic or audio/video conferences and backed up through an audit trail such as minutes of meeting.

All project escalations would follow a bubble up approach wherein they are escalated based on the level of hierarchy within the project stakeholder community. All the escalations would be addressed based on the sensitivity of the subject and appropriate mechanisms would be put in place to ensure that such issues don’t re-occur in the future.