We offer the following benefits to our employees

1. Attractive Compensation

We offer special benefits as part of our compensation structure. And the benefits are revised timely to ensure that the employees are financially rewarded which motivate them to do better

2. Award and Recognition

In a competitive environment, recognizing and rewarding a good performer always helps in better working environment and healthy growth. Keeping this view we ensure that good performers are not left unnoticed and are adequately compensated, which in turn would help others to perform better.

3. Training

We understand the rate of changes in the business environment and keeping with this pace we ensure that our employees are in trend to meet the business challenges by nominating them for trainings in both technical and behavioral to help us produce the best quality in our service.

4. Mentoring

We consider our employees as part of one big AKRA TECH family and hence ensure that micro level issues of every employee is addressed by assigning mentors to take care of the employees concerns both in professional and personal front.